Cryodevice, SPA, wellness center, cryotherapy, addison cryotherapy, cryocabin, cryofacial, waxing Cryodevice, SPA, wellness center, cryotherapy, addison cryotherapy, cryocabin, cryofacial, waxing

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It became obvious that cryo-massage (CM) treats the skin and prevents aging when liquid nitrogen started being used in dermatology and cosmetology. The therapeutic and cosmetic effect of CM is based on the short-time impact of the extreme cold onto the skin tissue. The outer layer of the skin is briefly frozen, causing severe vessel constriction followed by long-term vessel dilatation. The blood flow in peripheral tissues and metabolic rate are increased; necessary vitamins, amino acids and microelements are being delivered to the skin. Directly following the procedure, the person’s face feels heated and the skin seems to breathe easier.

  • lowered turgor (tension) and skin elasticity; appearances of wrinkles
  • anemic skin with low blood flow;
  • post-surgery rehabilitation. CM helps to enhance the drainage of tissue fluid;
  • seborrhea skin with increased perspiration;
  • acne;
  • inflammation and irritation of skin (rosacea, dermatitis and psoriasis);

CM is conducted using liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen becomes a transparent liquid with no odor and color when cooled down to -196 °C (-385 °F). Short-time application of nitrogen to the skin (using cotton swab dipped into liquid nitrogen right before the application) is completely harmless. There is no direct contact of liquid nitrogen to the skin.

During the massage, the cotton swab applicator is moved along the skin directly to problem locations.

The average procedure takes up to 10 minutes. For such a small amount of time, the procedure has the effect of a strong facial. The power of application may vary depending on skin type and personal skin reaction.

CM dries the skin, removes inflammation, normalizes the function of fat glands, rebuilds microcirculation, and restarts immune processes. It can also remove itch, redness, and edema. By peeling out the outer layer of the epidermis, CM is conducive to new cell creation. This process is more organic and gentler than chemical peels.

CM practically may be combined with any other cosmetic methods and cures. It may also be the addition to any skin care process. Since CM based on nitrogen application to the skin, contraindication will be only as follows:

  • personal coldophobia;
  • herpes;
  • migraine;
  • epilepsy;

It is also recommended to put sunscreen SPF 25 after the procedure.

Recommendations may vary depending on the type of skin and personal problems of client. Average session consists of 10-15 procedures 2-3 times per week. This session is to be repeated twice a year.